What a week! Nashville certainly lived up to its expectations. I went in expecting the country music, barbeque, and Southern Hospitality. Little did I know, however, that it was such an incredible city for film. Film-Com 2014 rocked.

ROADTRIP… With the exception of a chemical spill that shut down I-75 in both directions, we made it to Nashville with no major hang-ups.

We started out in Nashville on Tuesday evening with a classy cocktail party at a post-production studio, Forward, that was nothing short of amazing. (Certainly a studio for us to aspire to.)

Wednesday was filled with seminars from industry execs. We learned about everything from film financing to pitching reality television concepts to the importance of hiring the services of a production attorney. Very informative.

On Thursday, it was time to show the world, our baby, Some Are Born. We set up a display booth equipped with a giant Rumor Productions pop-up banner, a six foot tall SAB poster, posters for some upcoming projects, and a TV with our teasers and a SOON TO BE RELEASED THEATRICAL TRAILER. **Hint**Hint**

Friday. Friday was game day. Friday was the day that we got our shot to pitch Some Are Born to the industry execs for distribution. After one final hands in, we entered the dimly lit and deathly quiet room.

Following introductions, we played the new trailer. Bret was next up to bat with a recap of the themes explored in the film, and he emphasized the fact that we have completed product. Our quietist team member (that’s a joke), Victor, took the reins next and explained our plan for a huge Video on Demand (VOD) release with a strategic regional theatrical release.

I was batted cleanup and was tasked with bringing home my team members, both of whom got on base. I explained that we were an equity backed movie, which has no debt to pay back. And finally, I touched on the point that we worked side by side with a production attorney throughout the process, a point we learned was important to make from the seminars. In summation, we left it all on the field and/or ice (for our readers north of the border). There’s always room for improvement, but we walked out of that room feeling good about what we had done.

We drove home the following day with our heads high. We learned a ton from this trip. There’s plenty left to be done, but it was a great first step for the newest chapter of Some Are Born.

Thanks for reading Y’ALL!


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Hello Rumor Productions blog readers!

Well, I got tasked with writing our first blog post for the revamped website… and what an honor it is. I wanted to let everybody know that in less than 24 hours, we will be on our way to Film-Com, a packaging, financing and distribution market, in Nashville, TN. For the past few weeks, we have been feverishly running around and finishing all the prep work, so that we can show up in style. We will have a booth set up with a sweet reel playing, and all sorts of cool Rumor Productions stuff to display. If any of our readers are in the area, come by and check us out this week.

If you want more info on the event, check out their website at http://film-com.com/


Jesse Mathieson